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I would highly recommend Sara's Estate Sales of Youngtown, AZ.  Sara was wonderful to work with.  She offers the very best Customer Service and is a kind and warm person that just can't do enough for her Customers.  I would highly recommend Sara for managing your estate sale and also don't forget to shop her sales.  You won't be disappointed, and you'll have a kind new friend.  She will go above and beyond to help you.   Perfection!!!

Louise W.

Very personable, excellent customer service, and wonderful to work with! I'm a realtor so if you are looking for a top notch Estate sale company I highly recommend them.

Thank you!

Robin F.

Sara's Estate Sales LLC has set the bar for other estate sale companies, they went above and beyond to help my husband and I sell our belongings here in Arizona at the Litchfield Greens, they are very personable, kind, and takes a real interest in your belongings and the value of them. Sara is really good at communicating with the customers that come in to look at your belongings with a very knowledgeable aspect of it all. I'd say she is the one to pick to sell your loved ones treasures or just a liquidation of your household items.

Jewella C.


How do you appraise art and jewelry?

Like all valuable items including art and jewelry are researched for the highest value. If we can't find the pricing then we contract a licensed insured reputable appraiser at an additional cost to find the best value for our clients.

Should I have a garage sale or throw anything away before a sale?

No, if you plan on having an estate sale do not have a garage sale prior. Garage sales will bring you pennies on the dollar unlike a professional estate sale. Be sure not to throw anything away prior to a sale, it could be a valuable item to a potential customer.

Is Sara's Estate Sales LLC licensed and insured?

Yes, we are a registered LLC with the Arizona Corporation Commission and licensed with the State of Arizona tax privilege license and fully insured. Any employees we use go through a complete screening process and background check.

How do I know what is sold?

Everything at the sale is rang up on a cash register creating documantation of every item sold. At the end of the sale our client will receive an itemized copy of all receipts.

How do I get paid?

At the end of the sale Sara's Estate Sales LLC will conduct a complete audit of the sale. After all purchases have cleared you will recive an itemized accounting of the sale along with a copy of all receipts. You will be issued a check minus any commissions and fees.

What happens to the items that are left over and not sold?

Sara's Estate Sales LLC will either return all the unsold items back to the client or with the clients permission we will arrange for the items to be donated to a charitable organization.

Do you have a delivery service if someone purchases an item and needs it delivered?

Yes Sara's Estate Sales LLC can provide delivery of items purchased for an additional cost to the customer doing the purchase.

Do you offer security at a liquidation sale?

Yes if you would like security at your liquidation sale we can provide security at an additional cost.

Will you clean my home or business when the sale is over?

If you would like the home or business cleaned after the sale Sara's Estate Sales LLC can clean for an addional fee.